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Campus Compass Data Summary

Post by Urban Strategies Blog Moderator, January 27, 2016

Thank you for your participation in the Campus Compass interactive mapping tool. We received over 1,900 responses from students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community! Please click the link below to read the summary report of the responses we received. The campus planning team is excited to hear your thoughts and feedback. Join […]

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Hi Barrie, thanks for posting. Your message is a helpful reminder that campus design and architecture are significant factors in people’s experience...

Barrie S. H. Royce

Campus access for people with handicaps is still deficient despite being initiated by the Bowen administration. Many University buildings do not have...

Introducing Campus Compass!  

Post by Urban Strategies Blog Moderator, April 15, 2015

NOTE: Campus Compass is now closed. The campus planning team is currently analyzing the responses that have been submitted and the results of the analysis will be shared on this blog in mid-summer (July to August). Want to help develop the 2026 Campus Plan? The Princeton campus planning team has launched a new interactive mapping […]

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Urban Strategies Blog Moderator

Hi Sabrina, Thanks for joining the conversation, and in particular for commenting on the Campus Compass mapping tool. The University has been sendin...


Great resource for input but how was it rolled out? Had it not been for an article in The Prince sharing that the participation deadline was extended,...

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