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Post by jneubauer, September 20, 2016

Campus Plan Update

The campus planning team has been busy completing the second phase of the campus planning process and is now in the third of four phases. As we continue to advance our work, we are again reaching out to the local community and University stakeholders to provide an update on our process, review preliminary directions, and host a discussion to hear your feedback.

As presented at the Princeton Master Plan Subcommittee on September the 19th, 2016, a compiled Campus Plan update can be viewed here: 160919-public-presentation-deck_princeton.  The official video recording of the meeting can be viewed here:

Arrangements are being made to make the same presentation in West Windsor soon. A synopsis of key questions and answers from these public meetings will be posted in the coming weeks.

The campus planning team is excited to hear your thoughts and feedback. Join the conversation here and let us know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Campus Plan Update”

  1. consider adding urgent care for staff and graduate students off campus?

    1. Thanks for writing. While the Campus Plan will propose potential on-campus locations for health services, off-campus urgent care facilities are beyond the scope of this planning process.

      – Josh

  2. Gerald Skey

    While it appears that the planning has yet to have reached the definitive stage, the potential to involve the Springdale golf course should be in the forefront of the decision making process.
    The golf course is maintained and operated by the club membership which is dependent on acquiring new members for a variety of obvious reasons. With uncertainty surrounding its future, it seems more than likely that potential new members will not come on board out of a legitimate concern that within the next ten years the club and golf course will no longer exist.
    For this reason, I can see not only the possibility but the probability that without a defined future, the Club – which enjoys a healthy membership currently – will fold. Old members will move or die and the membership will dwindle.
    It is hard to argue that maintaining a golf course is consistent with the mission of a University, but about 7 years ago, the Club (with assistance from the University) spent millions on a new clubhouse which (if the University decides to take back the golf course) will be simply wasted. Parenthetically, the Club owns the Clubhouse and still owes several million that was borrowed to build the Clubhouse. That facility will become useless as a Clubhouse and all the work and money spent will have gone to naught.
    But it seems to me that the members of Springdale deserve something more than to be out on a limb wondering and still paying for a) a Clubhouse that will cease to exist and b) maintain and improving a golf course that will also cease to exist.
    Within the broad planning process, I would urge the University to decide the general direction it intends to take quickly – without such a decision, I fear the Club – which dates back to 1895 – will fail and if the University ultimately decides to cross Lake Carnegie and leave Springdale to continue, it will be too late.
    Gerry Skey ’64

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