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Post by ecohlmeyer, November 29, 2016

Synopsis of Comments from Recent Public Meetings

The Campus Plan team met with the Princeton Master Plan Subcommittee on September 19, 2016 and the West Windsor Planning Board on October 5, 2016 to provide an update on the Campus Plan process, review the Plan’s preliminary findings and hear feedback from community stakeholders. Below is a synopsis of these public meetings.

Princeton Master Plan Subcommittee

Following a presentation by the Campus Plan team to the Princeton Master Plan Subcommittee on the evening of September 19th, members of the Subcommittee asked questions related to the future of the Springdale lands and Butler Tract, the level and impact of the proposed increase in undergraduate student enrollment and the opportunities to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the University and Princeton (the town), particularly along Nassau Street. Questions about local affordable housing requirements and opportunities for increased on-campus graduate student housing were also raised.

The Subcommittee was supportive of the goal to reduce single-occupancy vehicle travel to and from campus, as well as planned initiatives to reduce the demand for parking on the central campus. There was particular interest in enhancements to cycling infrastructure and bike share programs.

Questions were raised about the future of the existing E-Quad buildings, the development of Alexander Street as a mixed-use corridor and the status of the Alexander Street bridge improvements across the D&R Canal. Lake Carnegie was discussed in the context of a need for continued preservation, improved functional restoration and enhanced access for the community at large.

West Windsor Planning Board

The Campus Plan team gave the same presentation to the West Windsor Planning Board on the evening of October 5th. The conversation began with discussion about Lake Carnegie no longer being at the edge of campus but eventually at the center, assuming long-term expansion on the West Windsor lands. The Board raised questions about the types of uses anticipated on these lands. The Board reminded the planning team of the municipality’s focus on sustainability and the implementation of efficient municipal infrastructure.

Opportunities to better connect West Windsor to the Princeton campus and Princeton community were discussed, with particular reference to the ongoing US Route 1 traffic congestion, the need for safer pedestrian and cyclist crossings at Route 1 and the opportunities for improvements to existing transit and transportation systems in the region, including local bus, bike and pedestrian connections from the Princeton Junction Train Station.

The slides from the public presentations can be accessed here, and any comments or questions can be posted on the discussion thread below.

The campus planning team will make revisions and further refinements to the emerging Campus Plan and provide an updated report to the community in 2017. Keep checking back here for Campus Plan updates!


4 thoughts on “Synopsis of Comments from Recent Public Meetings”

  1. Paul Levy '58

    Is I true that you plan to close the golf course in 10 years?

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for posting. The University has no immediate plans regarding the Springdale lands. Those lands may play a role in the long-term evolution of the campus—likely for primarily academic uses—given their proximity to the central campus, the graduate college, and the Lewis Center for the Arts.

  2. Juan M Maldacena

    I am a faculty member at the Institute for Advanced Study and I have a comment on the plans for the development of the golf course.

    Our section of the Institute collaborates closely with the Physics and Math departments of Princeton University.

    It would be nice if the plans for the golf course include a fairly straight bike path from Newlin Rd to the physics and math departments (Jadwin Hall and
    Fine Hall). This would facilitate collaboration since it would make it easier to go to talks and seminars.

    1. Hi Juan, thanks for your comment. The campus planning team is considering a range of strategies to strengthen cycling connections on campus and with the surrounding communities. Although the University has no immediate plans regarding the Springdale lands, they may play a role in the long-term evolution of the campus, likely for primarily academic uses. Your suggestion is helpful and we’ll take into account as we continue to develop our long-term cycling plan.

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