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Post by Urban Strategies Blog Moderator, April 17, 2017

Princeton identifies potential sites for residential college, engineering and environmental studies

While its full campus plan framework is expected to be completed and made public in the fall, Princeton University has identified a potential site for a new undergraduate residential college and potential sites for the expansion of engineering and environmental studies.

The residential college site is south of Poe Field and east of Elm Drive. The site for engineering and environmental studies is on lands along the north side of Ivy Lane and Western Way, west of FitzRandolph Road. The recommendations are for the general siting of new facilities, but not for specific configurations within the sites or for building designs.

“We have more work to do and more consultations to conduct before making final decisions, and we welcome comments from members of our campus, town and alumni communities as we continue to refine our planning,” said Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber.

Anyone wishing to comment may do so through the University’s Campus Plan website or through our Princeton Campus Plan Blog. 

After final decisions about siting have been made, the University will do more detailed planning, select architects and pursue the fundraising necessary to proceed with the projects.  


2 thoughts on “Princeton identifies potential sites for residential college, engineering and environmental studies”

  1. Nancy Faherty

    As a Columbia University parent (’12) I have followed the ambitious $6+ billion expansion of the Manhattan campus and the intensive efforts made to assimilate with West Harlem. The architectural vision was “the University and community merge.” I am sure those at Princeton have studied CU’s incredible achievement. With proper attention to the community at large, Princeton’s Campus/Community Plan can effectively reimagine what was once a marriage of “town and gown.” The academic world is signaling our global future. Let’s make it one of inclusion.

    1. Thank you for your post, Nancy. The integration of the campus and the surrounding communities is an important topic in this campus plan. We refer frequently to Columbia’s Manhattanville project but we will revisit it consider lessons it holds in this respect. Thanks for the suggestion!

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