Princeton University 2026 Campus Plan

Campus Plan Primer

The Campus Plan Primer has been created by the Princeton campus planning team led by Urban Strategies to share what we’ve been working on and to help members of the Princeton University community learn more about the 2026 Campus Plan.

The campus planning process is divided into four phases:

Over the last several months, the campus planning team has been busy completing the first phase of the campus planning process. Accordingly, the links posted below are organized around a series of topics that set out the overall purpose and nature of the project, describe what the team has learned about the campus and subsequently identify the key issues and priorities which the 2026 Campus Plan will need to address.

The need for the 2026 Campus Plan
The nature of the Plan: A flexible framework to guide decision-making
The consultation process
Overview of the physical campus
Key issues today

The campus planning team is excited to hear your thoughts and feedback. Join the conversation (by clicking here) and let us know what you think!

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