Princeton University 2026 Campus Plan

The nature of the Plan: A flexible framework to guide decision-making

Due to the extensive study area and the two planning horizons, the 2026 Campus Plan will not be a rigid master plan. Instead, it will be a framework that provides clear but flexible guidance for decisions about campus development over the next three decades and beyond. For some areas of campus the Plan will provide details for specific development projects that are planned in the near term. For other areas of campus the plan will provide broader parameters for the type and scale of change that may take place over time as the University grows and responds to emerging priorities. Recommendations for the 10-year planning horizon will generally be more specific than those for the 30-year horizon, to reflect strategies that emerge from the strategic planning process. Recommendations for the 30-year planning horizon will help the University plan at a high-level for the next three decades, and provide a range of options that will guide long-term growth with the flexibility to respond to emerging issues that cannot be anticipated so far in advance.

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